Hotel Management System

A Powerful Tool Manage Your Daily Operations

We strive to provide the best possible hotel experience. The best hotel stays occur when booking, mobile check-in, payment, hotel experience, and personal service come together seamlessly.

To ensure an excellent guest experience, we work with the best property management systems and a variety of great third-party providers.

Together we define next level mobile hospitality technology.

Powerful Dashboard

A single window screen while let you review over all action and data

  • Daily Count Report - Booking,Earning,Check-in,Check-Out
  • Monthly Count Report - Monthly Booking, Monthly Revenue
  • Hotel Set Up Status Report Guide To Set Up 100%
  • Task which are required to perform daily
  • Total booking infomation recevied daily

Room Chart For Full Control

Save plenty of time and effort while searching for a booking or creating one

  • All relevant information at a glance
  • Hover the mouse cursor to learn all the booking details
  • Contactless/Paperless Check-in
  • Clear and easy to view list of all arrivals
  • Colour coded for ease of reference
  • Overview of availability
  • Quick access "Make A Reservation" button

Control Whole Guest Stay

Our tool gives your full control to manage whole booking process from check-in till invoicing

  • Collect all relevant information and document from guest at check-in store on a click
  • Maintain all extra services taken from guest during stay with cost involved
  • Maintain payment folio of guest for smooth experience
  • Generate pre check-out invoice for stemless check-out process
  • Generate GST/Tax Invoices from Guest/Travel Agency/Corporate
  • Maintain Guest POS Orders from on single windows

Well Maintained House-Keeping

our tool allows you to organize and track all housekeeping activities.

  • Colour coded – for ease of reference
  • Dashboard with vital information
  • View clean, dirty, and inspected rooms all at once
  • A seamless interface that allows you to change room statuses with one click
  • CheckList for staff which needs to be completed while marking room as clean
  • View Rooms which are occupied or vacant
  • Hindi Language System for Housekeeping Staff
  • Assign tasks to your staff effortlessly
  • Avoid incorrect booking of rooms under maintenance

Manage your multiple POS

From improving your day-to-day operations, increasing productivity, and minimising unnecessary control costs, our POS software

  • Bill Room Transfer
  • Multiple Payment Collection Types
  • Advance Menu Management
  • Take Away/Dine-in/Room Orders Billing
  • Separate GST Billing
  • Multiple Payment method
  • KOT Printing
online hotel management system
hotel management software

Make Reservation With Ease

Remarkable easy to use system to reservation of Corporate/Travel Agent/Guest

  • Make quick reservations for several room types at once
  • Make multiple reservations or group bookings with ease
  • Make Hold booking as per your need along will payment link
  • Create Booking from all type of source
  • Add Discount as per your need
  • Make reservation with Custom price or fixed price
  • Booking Activity Log

Easy Reports And Analysis

You can customize all your reports into lists that are useful to you and your specific hotel.

  • Revenue Report
  • GST/Tax Collection Report
  • Booking Report
  • Guest Report
  • Occupancy Report
  • Average Room Rate Report
  • Revenue Per Available Report
hotel channel manager

Why choose AsiaTech?

Put simply, we know our stuff. We have been innovating and iterating our hospitality SSAS solutions since 2014 and have become an experienced brand you can trust.

Increase sales

Increase your sales through better pricing. On the basis of the most relevant data, we calculate profitable price recommendations for you every day.

Fully automated

By fully automating work processes and integrating them with your existing systems, you save a lot of time and avoid errors in data maintenance.

Always the right price

Among other things, we take into account the historical and current booking situation, competitor rates, market demand, reviews, events and holiday calendars.

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