Hotel Channel Manager

Control All Connected OTA's From One Single Screen

AsiaTech Hotel Channel Manager helps you to manage rates and inventories on all the channels you are connected with. It helps you to manage your last room to all online travel agents, offline travel agents and your website as well. Also it helps you to control your hotel rates to trip connect.

Pool Inventory Management

Pooled inventory means that every channel has access to all of your rooms or beds. Once a room or bed is booked, your total inventory will decrease to prevent overbooking.

  • Real Time Inventory Update
  • Manage Upto 2 Year Inventory
  • View Blocked/Open/Booked Room
  • Sync Inventory with all connected OTA's

Rate Management

Our channel manager gives you the control to manage individual channels, including rates and offers. You decide when, what rates, restrictions and offers you advertise on each channel

  • Occupancy based pricing
  • Rate configuration based on OTA
  • Control MLOS
  • Control Stop Sell Room
  • Weekdays/Weekend Pricing

Meta Search Distribution

Our Channel Manager product give to access to make rates and inventory across all meta search engines which are connected with such as Google Hotels Ads and TripAdvisor

  • Connect your booking engine to Google/TripAdvisor.
  • Manage Multiple Discounts
  • Attract Travelers Searching for a Hotel in a Specific Area
  • Increase the Number of Direct Bookings Your Hotel Generates

Range Of Connectivity

Why choose AsiaTech?

Put simply, we know our stuff. We have been innovating and iterating our hospitality SSAS solutions since 2014 and have become an experienced brand you can trust.

Increase sales

Increase your sales through better pricing. On the basis of the most relevant data, we calculate profitable price recommendations for you every day.

Fully automated

By fully automating work processes and integrating them with your existing systems, you save a lot of time and avoid errors in data maintenance.

Always the right price

Among other things, we take into account the historical and current booking situation, competitor rates, market demand, reviews, events and holiday calendars.

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