The Best Reason as To Why CRS for Hotels Is a Boon


CRS in a hotel stands for the central reservation system that is owned by the hotel a very common practice that is found in resorts and hotels of the tourism industry. CRS for hotels is a computerized coordination that revolves round the storage and allocation of information that concerns the resorts, hotels and other similar lodging facilities.

A hotel central reservation system consists of several elements that make the life of the guests in the hotel easier. The hotel CRS software consists of profiles of the guests, their reservations, tariff and inventory control, groups and blocks, management data, global circulation interface, reporting, and PMS interface. A good hotel CRS system is highly beneficial for travel agencies who book the hotel in behalf of their clients, the hotel guests and the hotel staff who use it.

Here is a brief overlay of the information that is stored in hotel CRS System Company. The information provided in the CRS includes room rates, room types, the conditions of the room, the present inventories, the architecture found in the room, the relevant information regarding reservation, the graphical information that are provided in the form of video and pictures along with a much detailed information like the address, phone number or fax number of the guests together with their location.

Here are a few of the primary functions of the CRS –

1. The software is relatively easy to use.

2. It is totally flexible as well as scalable that is very suitable for growing business.

3. It offers great connectivity of hotels to travel agents online and the booking engines on the net.

A good CRS for hotels makes life easier for all ensuring that there is no unrequited tension between the guests, the travel agents and the hotel as all the information in available to all.

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